How We Started One Of The Best Rice Restaurants In Town

Going into business is something that had never crossed my mind, but that was soon to change after I got fired. I was a chef in one of the best rice restaurants in town. How the whole thing started is quite interesting; a few weeks a go I was at my usual workstation only to be called by my boss and told that my services were no longer needed. I was dejected; I had over the years depended so much on the job to pay my bills and school my kids. I left for home after being fired, and my wife on hearing the news, she was not surprised; she has seen that coming. However, it was after we had a very lengthy discussion that she advised we also start a similar business in town. I paused for a few seconds and I told her that we were going to do just that. After all, I had all the skills and we had save quite a substantial amount of money.


Three days after, we had gotten a nice location in town and all we needed was the top rice cooker among other necessities. Since we wanted the best and quality rice for our customers, we needed the best rice cookers. As I was arranging other things, my wife was busy going through the best rice cooker reviews. It was after going through a lot of them that she managed to pick the best rice cooker and the next thing we were in the market looking for those exact rice cookers.

It is now 3 months since we put up the restaurant and believe me, what we have been able to achieve within a very short time is simply unimaginable. On any given day, since we sell the best and expertly cooked rice that alone has seen us receive tons and tons of customers. In fact, we are not going to stop there; if things go the way we have planned, we are seeing ourselves taking our top and well cooked rice to other areas.